White Label Travel Portal

White Label Travel Portal, a best and affordable travel website for travel agents. if you want to start your online travel agency fast and at a cheaper price then go ahead with the white label travel portal.

you can easily start your b2c or b2b business. you just need to provide your domain name and need to choose the template and you are good to go, it takes hardly 2 days in the complete integration of B2C, B2B or B2E.

we always advise if you are in travel industry or you have not tried the online portals before then please do not go with expensive api integration module or direct api integration of flights. instead of invest on api integration it would be best if you invest that money in the marketing of your b2c white label travel portal or b2b white label travel portal.

here we would like to inform, that the major difference between the white label travel portal and customized API integration portal. In white label travel portal, you can change the look n feel of the home page only, you can not do any kind of changes in existing functionality and inner pages design so this is the only drawback of white label travel portal hence we advise you before taking b2c white label travel portal or b2b white label travel portal please check all the functionalities available in the admin panel. for this, you can ask a demo from us.

its strongly recommended if you have any marketing plan for your online white label travel portal please ask for a demo and check whether it suits your marketing plan or not, once again always ask for a demo.

White Label Travel Portal Modules

  1. B2C White label Travel Portal: you can cater to the direct client on your travel portals like other Ota’s Yatra, MMT, or Goibibo. so the benefit of b2c white label travel portal is you can earn a huge commission and you can earn on another service charge like cancellation, reschedule and customized markup so here we can say you can earn more than b2b in b2c however it depends on the volume of customers or visitors on your b2c white label travel website.
  2. B2B White Label Travel Portal: you can create a network of travel agents, in b2b you will act as a supplier and you have the working travel agents under you so if you have a good travel industry experience, definitely you should go with the b2b white label travel portal. in this you can earn but you should have a good amount of travel agents because in b2b travel portal you are are a supplier so you need to share the commissions and service charges. there is also a benefit in b2b you can maximize your number of tickets very easily hence your turnover will also increase and you can negotiate your parent supplier or direct airline for commission or incentive
  3. B2E White Label Travel portal: if you are serving corporate clients then b2e white label travel portal should be your best choice because in b2e white label travel portal you have the option of Auto GST Claims, GST on Service charges and employee management, where your corporate can claim airline GST, he can download his statement and auto invoicing, etc.
  4. B2G White Label Travel Portal: if you are working with any government agencies then this portal is specially dedicated to these. in the B2G white label travel portal, you can easily manage invoices and statement payment reminders, etc.

White Label Travel Portal Feature & Services

  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Bus Booking
  • Holiday Packages
  • Utility Services Like Mobile Recharge, Data Card, Electricity Bill Payment, Mobile Bill payment, Water Bill Payment, Gas Bill Payment, Insurance Payment, Amusement Park E-tickets (in Case of B2B only)
  • Add Promotional Banners
  • Add, Remove, Modify Tour Packages
  • Tour Enquiry Management
  • Flight Booking Management
  • Hotel Booking Management
  • Bus Booking Management
  • Utility Management
  • Customer Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Add Modify Travel Agents
  • Discount Management
  • Agent Wallet Management
  • Agent Account Statement
  • Markup Management
  • Offline Booking Management
  • Private Fare Management
  • SME GST Management
  • Corporate Management
  • Employee Management

Who Should Go With White Label Travel Website or Portal?

the most question asked from us, and the answer is anyone can go with the B2C white label travel portal, you just need to learn a bit about the travel industry which you can see online on google. we won’t recommend the B2B or B2E travel portals for newbie as its required a good experience. so if you are a housewife, any individual, blogger, or any existing service provider who wants to add travel as supplementary service easily can go with the b2c white label travel portal.

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